Composite Cladding

Much has already been written about: Australia’s Lacrosse fire London’s Grenfell fire; Polyethylene/aluminium composite cladding (“PE Cladding”); and The Government’s response. This article doesn’t address these things. It deals solely with the likely response to the PE Cladding issues from MECON’s viewpoint (and its policies), which do not include Professional Indemnity. Matters to Consider The […]

Providing Insurance for Existing Structures

When insuring existing structures which form part of a construction project, brokers risk exposing themselves to providing uninformed advice and thus a professional negligence claim. There are a number of common mistakes often made in the consideration of such insurance – insurance of which may fall to one, or both, of two types of insurance: […]

Vibration, Weakening and Removal of Support

Background On cleared land, adjacent to the boundary of several residential homes, a 4 meter deep excavation commenced. It would eventually become a basement carpark for a multi-storey building. The contract value was around $6,000,000. The geology was predominately stiff clay for the depth of the excavation. No ground water was encountered and there had […]

Removal of Debris

Removal of Debris – the 10% standard cost may not be sufficient! Every rebuild insurance policy will include an allowance for the removal of debris before the rebuild commences. When calculating the cost of ROD, most insurers will apply a standard 10% –  which is equal to 10% of the cost of the rebuild. Is […]

Hire Agreements

Hire Agreements – the devil really is in the detail! Hire agreements appear to be far more complex than meets the eye.  Specifically, it encourages brokers to really understand the detail behind each hire agreement and to check in to the disproportionately high amount of small print. There is an undeniable truth about writing insurance […]

Best Practice in Construction Contracts

In a modern building project, few documents are as important as the construction contract. Get this right and you have the basis for constructive working relationships and positive outcomes. Get it wrong and you have a recipe for delays, disputes, acrimony, financial penalties and, in extreme cases, insolvency. So what are the problems, and what […]

Cover for Delays in Construction Start-Up

Delays in project completion – the implications, detail and how to provide cover Terminology here requires a little explanation.  It appears that there are several terms for similar things. You may have heard of the following: Delay in Start-Up Cover (DSU) Advanced Consequential Loss (ACL) Advanced Loss Profits (ALOP) Advanced Business Interruption (ACL). It’s important […]