Our single project policy combination includes a material damage policy and a separate public liability policy added by endorsement. We can insure simple or complex projects whether they are owner-builder, residential, commercial, civil or mechanical.

Key features:

  • Tool and Equipment “new for old” if less than two years
  • Contractors and subcontractors insured where required by contract
  • Marine transit
  • Defective Design, Workmanship and Material (DE4)
  • Welding and Hotworks – no requirement to comply with NZ standards

The policy automatically includes:

  • Advertising liability
  • Contractual liability (construction contracts)
  • Off-site storage and transit to the full sum insured
  • Practical completion extended for Owner Builders
  • Subrogation waiver for all insureds
  • Vibration weakening or the removal of support
  • $20,000 claim preparation costs under Section 2 Liability
  • 96 hours event clause

The policy can also be extended to include:

  • Contractors plant, tools and equipment
  • Cover advantage
  • Difference in conditions
  • Display homes
  • Exemplary damages
  • Forest and rural fires extension
  • Hired in plant
  • Licensed building practitioners
  • Liquidated damages (for residential builders)
  • Partial occupancy
  • Partially completed projects
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Testing and Commissioning